Keune Hair Straightener Extra Forte 85ml



Chemically Straight Hair
Keune Hair Straightener with Phyto Keratine (K+) and Silk Protein for extra conditioning. Straightens curly hair, leaving it smooth and manageable. It contains cationactive Phyto Keratin (K+) and Silk Protein, leaving the hair beautiful and shiny.Keune Hair Straightener Extra Forte is especially suitable for thick and hard to straighten hair.One pack Keune Hair Straightener or Hair Straightener Extra Forte contains a tube of 2.9 oz. Hair Straightener and a tube of 2.9 oz. Fixing Balm. It is not recommendable to use on color, bleached or permed hair, but can be used on all other types of natural hair.
Keratin Curl contains active keratin, hair’s main building block. The added keratin penetrates deep into the hair and contributes to conditioned and strong hair. This means ultimate conditioning, nourishing and strengthening of the hair, for a beautiful, long lasting curl. Keune Keratin Curl treatment is an easy 4-step salon treatment with a spectacular result
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